Measure the distance between user and equipment, for instance TRX.


The key function of simple metre lines markings would normally be to measure the distance between the user and some piece of equipment in order to make sure you’re working in the best position. A couple of examples of this would be in an area where there is a suspension system, cable machine or resistance band workout taking place.The lines can be used to measure the progression or breaking down of suspension training exercises. If the user is performing a TRX press up with their hands in the straps and they move their foot position one line further back from the TRX centre axis then more of their weight is put on the unstable handles, thus increasing the difficulty and level of core stability required.The same principle could be used for helping teach users where exactly they should be standing when using resistance bands attached to a fixed point, cable or pulley machine.


Metre will also be useful for measure the distance when jumping.