For exercises where agility plays a big role and also for measure progression.


Ladders are a great training tool for sports where agility plays a big role. Football, tennis and basketball are only a few examples of sports in which using agility ladders to practice fast feet exercises are used on a regular basis. Markings on the floor save space when it comes to setting up and taking down this type of equipment. They can also be a great indicator for positioning of similar pieces of kit like mini hurdles making sure they are all spaced evenly.


Ladder markings can be also made on the floor to allow trainers to measure progression in areas like flexibility and explosivity. As well as using ladder to assess general strength and stability in different positions, trainers can make use of specific markings to give an indication of progression in tests such as standing long jump and the two and three hop tests for horizontal power. In a sport specific or sports science focussed environment coaches might undertake these on a regular basis, as well as various upper body strength and power tests that involve measuring maximum throwing or pushing distances.