For positioning and more.


Hoops, dots or spots, are a type of marking that seems really simple and straightforward, but it’s not until you really think about it that you realise that to utilise them properly takes a bit of imagination. The simplest way of incorporating them into training is using core strength exercises. To do this, you can essentially treat the hoops like those in a giant game of Twister, hands and feet can be forced into various positions while engaging the core to hold a secure position whether this is using set movement combinations or variations on plank, press-up or stretching positions.


Another idea would be to use hoops for ‘fast-feet’ exercises or agility and speed movements that are commonplace in many sport specific warm-ups and conditioning circuits. They could also be useful in boxing or martial arts areas, to help beginners learn the correct body positioning and footwork patterns in relation to a partner with pads or a punch-bag. Further, hoops could be used in a child friendly area so that they could be incorporated into general fitness games.